Get ready to be inspired by Mwangala Maunga, the young scientist from Zambia!

At just twelve years old, Mwangala had a revolutionary idea to create a water purifier that uses solar power.

She recognized that the world needs innovative and environmentally conscious solutions to provide clean water for everyone.

Her impact doesn’t stop there! Mwangala founded “Girl Power Platform” to empower and educate young girls in science, technology, engineering, and maths in rural Zambia.

Her efforts supported United Nations’ goals to build a better world. After tirelessly working on her water purifier, she has finally reached the point where it can be patented.

This is just the beginning for Mwangala, as she plans to continue designing water filters and encouraging young girls to pursue science.

Her determination and brilliance are a true inspiration to people all over the world!

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