NelPlast Eco Ghana Limited is a truly inspiring project that has taken the world by storm. The founder, Nelson Boateng, is a true visionary who has shown us that nothing is impossible.

By recycling plastic waste from landfills and oceans, NelPlast is making affordable homes in Ghana that are strong and durable.

Nelson buys plastic by weight and washes it before mixing it with sand and pigments. The result is a mixture that is transformed into interlocking bricks that are fire retardant, flexible, and can withstand water. NelPlast has not only won many prizes but has also provided jobs to people, making a significant impact on the community.

Although Nelson is concerned about how plastic waste will be discussed at COP27, his work is an inspiration to us all!

Let’s support this project and create a better world for everyone.

Read more of his story here: 

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