Building a sustainable future for Africa, one entrepreneur at a time.

Our vision is to power innovation AND deliver real impact to communities

AfroClimate is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing climate change and the essential needs of low-income African communities. Our mission is clear: we scout, enable, and empower entrepreneurs with well-grounded projects that are essential for generating sustainable and equitable futures in African communities.

Entrepreneurs who are addressing the basic needs and tackling the climate crisis at community level, but:

Besides, we analyzed dozens of enterprise support organisations (ESOs) supporting climate African entrepreneurs and found most focus on short-term programs in urban settings,

largely ignoring rural community-based needs for capacity sharing and local-first innovations. 

AfroClimate is committed to bridging the gap in Africa’s climate change story.

Because Africa is worth it! |

What sets AfroClimate apart is its pragmatic, hands-on collaborative strategy leverages an extensive network of entrepreneurs deeply rooted within these communities. This network leverages their invaluable insights and taps into a global network of professionals from diverse sectors, enabling the implementation of the required operational actions, media exposure, and essential financial backing for these entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal is to create genuine, practical advantage for African communities in need.





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