The ultimate goal is to create genuine, practical advantage for African communities in need.

Our Approach

We team up with existing Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) who are engaged with communities and understand their urgent needs. Together, we co-create and build tailored entrepreneur empowerment programs dedicated to improving community livelihoods and simultaneously tackling the climate crisis.


Entrepreneurs often excel in their specific domains, but for a business to flourish and in the complex African landscape, it necessitates a distinct skill set typically found in seasoned professionals.

Our Actions

AfroClimate evaluates each entrepreneur’s skills

Based on the assessment results, Afroclimate presents a tailored upskilling program to the entrepreneur, synchronizing it with the overall project timeline.

Capacity Sharing

Our network comprises Skill Volunteers who recognize the significance of swift, high-impact projects. They leverage their expertise and networks to strengthen our collective influence, fostering enduring transformation. They also play a pivotal role in Afroclimate’s efforts to establish connections with companies enthusiastic about engaging their employees in pro bono services, thereby magnifying our commitment to effecting positive change.

Our Actions

Media Exposure

Communication is the lifeblood of any business.

This is the reason why Afroclimate focuses the media efforts for sending strong, clear messages to future users and giving funders additional opportunities to demonstrate their allegiance to essential projects that are truly beneficial to communities and to the environment.

Our Actions

Financial Backing

Fundraising represents a significant challenge for all entrepreneurs. At Afroclimate, we have specialized teams dedicated to identifying investment sources and guiding entrepreneurs through the essential steps required to secure funding.

Our Actions

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